This website has been prepared in response to requests for information on my background, publications and current projects. In most of my work I have been concentrating on the relation between freedom and art. This is particularly due to my Iranian background and the pivotal experience of the Islamic Revolution and its aftermath in my childhood and youth. In my recent publications I have been preoccupied with two major themes: the paradox of freedom in Nicholas Mosley’s oeuvre and the relation between literature and freedom in contemporary, post-revolutionary Iran. Currently, I am working on a book on the role of cinema in post-revolutionary Iranian society.

Latest Books

IranianCinemaUncensored_cover Iranian Writers Uncensored Nicolas Mosley's Life
Iranian Cinema Uncensored:
Contemporary Film-makers since the Islamic Revolution
Iranian Writers Uncensored:
Democracy, Freedom, and the Word in Contemporary Iran
 Nicholas Mosley’s Life and Art:
A biography in six interviews
“A beautiful read and full of joyous insights” – Prof Dabashi, Columbia University, New York

“An informative book on the post-revolutionary Iranian cinema and its development”   – Prof. Saeedvafa, Columbia College, Chicago

“[This is] a fascinating collection of interviews with contemporary Iranian writers…
[It is] particularly timely … and raises interesting questions …” – The Times Literary Supplement
“Fascinating – Nicholas Mosley is the world’s most brilliant conversationalist and this book catches the flavour of that”- A. N. Wilson